Small Self-Watering Glass Pot

A fittonia paired with the beautiful, simple Small Self-Watering Glass Pot by our friends over at “Cup O Flora”. This pot is a perfect addition to your home and plant collection, its sleek, clear design allows you to gauge the water level in the outer bowl as the plant self-waters by drawing the water up through the wick.
Botanical name –Fittonia Verschaffeltii
Fittonia will be substituted for a syngonium when unavailable.

Pot: 11 cm x 5.5 cm, capacity 550 ml
Inner Cup: 5.5 cm x 6 cm, capacity 150 ml

Fittonia are a beautiful plants with delicately veined, deep green leaves. The most common vein colour is silvery white. You can also find Fittonia with veins in pink, white and green. Fittonia are an indoor plant most happy in a shaded position, they dislike strong direct sunlight and will quickly suffer from burn. Ensure the water level in the outer pot is just below the base of the inner cup. This enables the plant to draw water up through the wick as required. As a guide, expect an average of two weeks between refills.

All plants sourced from local nurseries.



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